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Cashew Weevil
Common name: Cashew weevil
4 4 avatar By Frederick, 45 days ago
Cut Worm
Common Name: Cutworm
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Eggplant Fruit & Shoot Borer
Common Name: Eggplant fruit and shoot borer or Brinjal fruit and shoot borer
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Fall Armyworm (FAW)
Common name: Fall armyworm
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False Codling Moth (FCM)
Common Name: False Codling Moth
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Fruit Worm
Common Name: Fruitworm
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Common Name: Fruit fly
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Guides, information, workarounds, etc
1 22 avatar By STEPHEN, 41 days ago
Maize Weevil
Common Names: Maize weevil, Greater grain weevil, Northern corn weevil and the Greater rice weevil.
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Mango Bacterial Blight Disease (BBS)
Common Name : Bacterial black spot disease
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Common Names: Semi- looper, Green looper caterpillar, Green garden loop
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Common Names: Thrips, thunder flies, thunder bug storm flies.
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Common Name: Whitefly
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